Egg Carton Floral Workshop - April 10 - indigo & violet studio LLC

Egg Carton Floral Workshop - April 10

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We're bringing back a series of sustainable workshops using things you might otherwise throw away - trash to craft.

Join us for this virtual craft workshop and make a bouquet of upcycled flowers. Save your egg cartons and gather a few other materials for a casual activity for all ages.

We started a series of "use what you have" workshops last spring and are bringing them back with a sustainable initiative to turn TRASH to CRAFT. Feel free to adapt any of the materials below or reach out if you'd prefer to pickup a few egg cartons and yarn scraps from the studio - we've been saving both for a rainy day!

If you have any questions about what you have on-hand or would like to pick up materials please reach out.

Saturday, April 10 - 11am-12pm (CST) via zoom call

Here's what you'll need:

    • 1-2 egg cartons
    • Markers, paint pens or acrylic paint (brush, water, palette as needed)
    • Scrap paper, tissue paper, yarn or beads for the center
    • Sticks, straws, or pipe cleaners for stems - or you could attach flowers to magnets or a wire coat hanger/wreath base
    • Scissors, x-acto knife, or box cutter
    • Glue - we'll be using "tacky glue" but you could use any school glue or hot glue
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